Severn sailing

Welcome to Severn Sailing Club:

We have about six miles of sailing water downstream, as far as Tewkesbury, and about another mile, upstream, to Strensham Lock.

We have a very busy racing programme, with races being held on Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and Wednesday evenings. Most of the club races go as far as the second bend downstream, much of the course being visible to the clubhouse; this makes for excellent spectator sport... especially when it's blowing! Racing is competitive but friendly.

The Club has been an RYA Recognised Training Establishment since 1973, and training is a core activity of the Club.

As well as a certificated training programme, we also have regular Saturday morning 'improver' sessions. These are ideal for novice and intermediate sailors who want to practise their technique and skills in a safe environment with experienced members on-hand to offer help and guidance.

The club also has a number of single and double-hander boats available for use by members.


Despite its name, the club sails on the River Avon (yea, verily, this is Shakespeare's Avon!) - see 'History of SSC' under 'About SSC' for an explanation of how this anomaly arose. The Club is situated near the village of Bredon's Norton in rural Worcestershire, about five miles from Tewkesbury and six miles from Pershore. With just over four acres of grounds, there is plenty of space for the dinghy park, a camping / caravan area, play area for children and car parking.

The availablity of a kitchen, separate changing, shower and toilet facilites, together with a well-stocked bar, mean that many club members spend the whole weekend at the club.

What makes SSC extra special is the social scene. We have a very friendly membership with lots of barbeques and social events throughout the season. There are a wide range of social events and lots of live music to suit all tastes.


The Club has a long tradition of providing facilities for the whole family. This makes for a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. New members find it easy to integrate into the club, and this is probably one of the reasons that membership has been so strong for more than 30 years.

SSC has something to offer everybody: whether it's racing, 'messing about' on the river, or just socialising, so come and join us. We have an Open Day every year, please contact us for details - we will be pleased to see you!

News and Events

Sailing Events for members: (Results)


Date 31-03-2019
Time 12:00:00


Date 31-03-2019
Time 14:00:00


Date 31-03-2019
Time 16:00:00


Date 07-04-2019
Time 12:00:00


Date 07-04-2019
Time 14:00:00


Date 07-04-2019
Time 16:00:00

Social Events for members: (Calendar)

Open Day

Date 05-05-2019
Time 11:00:00

Ukulele Band

Date 18-05-2019
Time 19:00:00

Picnic Race & Cruise

Date 27-05-2019
Time 11:00:00

New Members Day & First Saturday Club

Date 08-06-2019
Time 00:00:00

Working Party #3

Date 16-06-2019
Time 09:00:00

Regatta Weekend

Date 22-06-2019
Time 00:00:00
22nd and 23rd June